Themed Learning Communities

The Psychology Department requires that all first semester freshmen are enrolled in one of these course communities.

Fall 2013 Psychology Learning Communities

BRIDGE—PSYCHOLOGY Theme: Meaning Making: Psychology and Ethics 

How do we understand ourselves and the world around us? What do we know and how do we know it?  In this Themed Learning Community (TLC), you will explore the field of Psychology through observation, practice, research, and reading, as well as how it relates to your everyday life while investigating and becoming more aware of how you make your decisions and ethics and how do you apply and use them. The interconnectedness and tension between these two disciplines will create discussions and reflections on how they impact our identity and the way we make meaning of life.  Emphasis will be placed on self-development, understanding your own identity, and beliefs.  We will also examine bullying through both Psychology and Ethics lenses.   Within this collaboration of courses, you will also explore what it means to have a major and career in Psychology and Neuroscience; how you can use IUPUI resources to better serve your major/career interests; and how to think holistically about your college experience! Due to our Summer Bridge status, we will have fieldtrips to the Eiteljorg museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, and a service project in an IPS school to complement our “Meaning-Making” theme of this TLC.

PSY-B 110                    Introduction to Psychology
SCI-I 120                     Windows on Science                              SCI-BE 499 section 31346
PHIL-P 120                   Introduction to Philiosophy


PSYCHOLOGY Theme: Freaks, Geeks, Cliques, and Clans: Cultural and Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Belonging

Being social is inherent in the human condition.  Drawing on a combination of observation, practice, tradition, and context, humans learn how to act in ways deemed socially appropriate by those around us.   How, what, and where we learn, all influence our sense of feeling part of (a) group(s).  In the same way that social learning can nurture our sense of “fitting in,” these same processes can also be used in ways that make us feel like outsiders or excluded.  In this TLC we will use two different social sciences, anthropology and psychology, to explore the intricacies of how our learning shapes our sense of who we are, as well as where our strengths and insecurities lie. We’ll also examine tactics and strategies to build our capacity to be boundary crossers, enabling us to effectively move between and communicate across different groups.  Our explorations will not be confined to the classroom and lab; rather, we will also journey out into the community via field trips and will use service learning to delve more deeply into our theme.

ANTH-A 104                 Cultural Anthropology
PSY-B 110                    Introduction to Psychology                 SCI-BE 499 section 31347
SCI-I 120                     Windows on Science


PSYCHOLOGY Theme: Baby I Was Born This Way

Do you agree with Lady Gaga that you were born this way? Have you ever been told that you laugh just like your mom or act just like your dad? Maybe your teachers expected you to behave just like your older sibling in the classroom, and you did. Or, were you convinced growing up that you had to be adopted because you were so different from the rest of your family? In this TLC, we will explore how behavior is a function of person variables (like your genes), environmental variables (like your friends), and the interaction between the two. Were you born this way or have your past experiences helped to make you who you are today? How will this new environment known as college influence your future behavior? Join us to learn about behavior in Introduction to Psychology (PSY-B 110), the body in Human Anatomy (BIOL-N 261), and how science can be used to answer questions about behavior in Windows on Science (SCI-I 110). We will explore how our biology and our experiences impact our behaviors through in-depth discussions, classroom activities, field trips, and a service project within the city. You will also have the opportunity to work on a Personal Development Plan (PDP) as you think about who you hope to be and how you’re going to get there. This TLC is perfect for pre-health professions (nursing or allied health) students interested in earning a minor or major in psychology.

PSY-B 110                     Introduction to Psychology
SCI-I 120                      Windows on Science
BIOL-N 261 (LECT)         Human Anatomy Lecture                               SCI-BE 499 section 31348
BIOL-N 261 (5 cr.)         Human Anatomy Lab