Academic Support Services

Psychology Resource Center

The Psychology Resource Center, located in LD 129, offers mentoring and support for undergraduate students in their psychology courses. Help is free and available on a walk-in basis.

The PRC’s target audience is students enrolled in Introductory Psychology, B110, as well as statistics and research courses including B305, B311, and psychology capstones.  Students may come to the center seeking help with homework exercises, study skills, exam preparation strategies, essay and paper writing, logging into Sona (human research participant pool), and any anything else related to their courses.
For assistance for specific courses, contact your instructor or check on the PRC door (LD129).
Questions about the PRC can be directed to

Other Academic Support Centers

Additionally, the Bepko learning offers Tutor Matching Services where students can search for IUPUI certified tutors who offer tutoring services.