Pre-Health Professions and Prelaw Programs

Pre-med student in School of Science, IUPUI““I feel like my experience as an undergraduate was about making the impossible possible for me,” she said. “I was able to do and achieve so many things, even starting out as a freshman, that I could have never imagined.”
~Morgan Rhodes, 2013 B.A.Psychology

At the School of Science at IUPUI, Psychology students seeking professional careers in medicine or healthcare are exposed to opportunities that no other school in the state of Indiana can offer.

Through comprehensive coursework, hands-on experience in the classroom and labs, one-on-one guidance from professors, and research and leadership opportunities in the School, five surrounding hospitals, the IU School of Medicine, IU School of Dentistry, and IU McKinney School of Law, graduates of the Department of Psychology at IUPUI are well prepared for professional or graduate school and beyond!


  • Faculty and staff at the School of Science and in Department of Psychology provide an environment where students at all levels can explore, discover and learn through comprehensive coursework. 
  • While the Department of Psychology is highly accomplished in research and education, the learning environment remain small and intimate - providing 1:1 access to professors for extra learning and research opportunities
  • As early as freshman year, students in the Department of Psychology can engage in research with faculty mentors in school and across campus. Undergraduate researchers receive financial support, gain access to advanced lab equipment, and enjoy the opportunity to work one-on-one with renowned faculty. Many students present their research at national meetings, and their findings are occasionally published in scientific journals.


  • Many courses in the School of Science are designed to help prepare students for professional programs at both Indiana University and Purdue University. Guidance from professors and advisors ensures students are fully prepared every step of the way. 
  • Interactive learning and student engagement provide a unique environment where students become leaders by teaching others.
  • Students have access to the IU Medical School, IU Dental School, IU McKinney School of Law, and five  hospitals on IUPUI's campus for learning experiences such as internships, job shadowing, research and more.

Why choose to major in Psychology?

  • The habits developed through the study of Psychology are ones that will serve you for a lifetime. Understanding behavior can help you in everyday life and in almost every job situation. Also, an undergraduate psychology degree provides you with a strong background in communication skills, critical thinking, scientific methodology, ethics and diversity – skills that are in high demand in the workplace.
  • A Psychology undergraduate degree is marketable to future employers even if you choose not to pursue professional schooling.
  • Pre-requisites for most professional programs often favor and lean heavily toward STEM (science, math, engineering and technology) majors and many of the majors with the highest acceptance rates for law school are STEM majors, including Psychology.

Pre-Health Professional Programs

Pre-Law Program

Pre-Professional & Pre-Health Professions Resources & Advising

While fulfilling your curriculum requirements for medical, dental or other professional schools, you can create your own undergraduate path to any of these careers and choose whatever major interests you most.

Your path is up to you. To help you find it, the School of Science provides specialized pre-professional and career advisors.

Schedule an appoint with the Science PREPs Office to:

  • Explore majors based on your interests, skills and values.
  • Plan for graduate or professional (medical, dental, pharmacy, law) school.
  • Find jobs, internships and job-shadowing programs.

Email or call 317-274-5677.

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