Psychology + Health Psychology Minors

Whatever career you pursue, a minor in psychology can complement your primary major, enhance your employability, allow you to develop a secondary area of expertise, or give you a chance to explore a passion. The skills that you acquire through the study of psychology such as analyzing data, communicating complex information and understanding human behavior are all abilities that are highly prized by employers.

Two options are available:

Psychology Minor

This Psychology Minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours of selected course work and is designed to compliment your primary major while providing insight into the understanding of psychology. Requirements vary depending on a student's date of enrollment at IUPUI. 

Health Psychology Minor

The Health Psychology minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours of selected course work and is designed to prepare students for a strong introduction to this sub-discipline of psychology that will complement a broader interest in health and health-related careers.
Download the Health Psychology Minor Requirements.

Apply for a Psychology or Health Psychology Minor

To be awarded a minor, you complete the application & audit request form at least ONE SEMESTER BEFORE YOU PLAN TO GRADUATE. In the event that the audit reveals that you will not complete the requirements for your minor before you graduate, you will be informed through your IUPUI email.