Evava (Eva) Pietri Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology


Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013-2015, Psychology/Center for Scientific Teaching, Yale University

PhD 2013, Psychology, Ohio State University

MA 2009, Psychology, Ohio State University

Professional Affiliations

Society of Personality and Social Psychology

Midwestern Psychological Association

The Society of the Psychological Study of Social Issues


Consulting Editor- Psychology of Women Quarterly 

Teaching Assignments

PSY-B370 Introduction to Social Psychology

PSY-64000 Suvey of Social Psychology 

PSY-60100 Experimental Design

Current Research

Broadly, I investigate how basic processes in social cognition and attitudes influence a variety of domains that are pertinent to real world issues. I specifically aim to use theories and research from social psychology to guide the development of interventions. Much of my current research focuses on reducing biases and promoting diversity in science technology engineering and mathematic (STEM) fields.

Please visit my lab website (http://www.pietrilab.com/) to learn more about my research and current projects in the lab!

Select Publications

Pietri, E. S., Moss-Racusin, C. A., Dovidio, J. F., Guha, D., Roussos, G., Brescoll, V. L., Handelsman, J. (in press). Using Video to Increase Gender Bias Literacy Toward Women in Science. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Pietri, E.S., Dovidio, J. D., & Fazio, R. H. (in press). Recalibrating valence weighting Tendencies as a means of reducing anticipated discomfort with an interracial interaction. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

Pietri, E.S., & Fazio, R. H. (2017). Recalibrating valence weighting biases to promote changes in rejection sensitivity and risk-taking. Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology. 68, 1-10.

Pietri, E. S., Vasey, M. W., Grover, M., & Fazio, R. H. (2015). Predicting changes in depressive symptoms from valence weighting during attitude generalization. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 34, 859-875.

Gross, D., Pietri, E. S., Anderson, G., Moyano-Camihort, K., & Graham, M. J. (2015). Increased preclass preparation underlies student outcome improvement in the flipped classroom. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 14, ar36.

Fazio, R. H., Pietri, E. S., Rocklage, M.R. & Shook, N. J. (2015). Positive versus negative valence: Asymmetries in attitude formation and generalization as fundamental individual differences. Chapter to appear in J. M. Olson & M. P. Zanna (Eds.), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology (Vol. 51). San Diego, CA: Elsevier.  

Pietri, E. S., Fazio, R. H., & Shook, N. J. (2013) Recalibrating positive and negative weighting tendencies in attitude generalization. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 1100-1113.

Pietri, E. S., Fazio, R. H., & Shook, N. J. (2013). Weighting positive versus negative: The fundamental nature of valence asymmetry. Journal of Personality, 81, 196-208.

Pietri, E., Fazio, R. H., & Shook, N. J. (2012). Valence weighting as a predictor of emotional reactivity to a stressful situation. Journal of Clinical and Social Psychology. 31, 746-777.