Cristine Czachowski Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology
Area Head, Addiction Neuroscience Graduate Program
Director, NIAAA T32 Training Grant


B.S. 1989 Rutgers University.
M.A. 1994 University of California, Santa Barbara.
Ph.D. 1998 University of California, Santa Barbara.

Current Research

Behavioral Pharmacology, Animal Models.

"My research uses an animal model to better understand the processes by which humans regulate alcohol consumption. Currently, I am working with a model that closely approximates human alcohol-drinking: from the onset of a "drinking episode" which starts with the purchase of a bottle or the entering of a bar, to the termination of that particular drinking binge. The ability to separate the seeking phase of alcohol-directed behavior from alcohol intake translates into an ability to identify treatments of alcohol abuse that can target alcohol craving before a person engages in drinking and essentially succumbs to "falling off the wagon". I am using this model to assess both drug treatments and basic neuroanatomically active agents to characterize the pharmacology and neural circuitry of alcohol reinforcement."