Sarine Sona Janetsian

SELB 300

B.A. (2006-2010) in Psychology:  California State University, Northridge 

M.S. (2011-2013) in Addiction Neuroscience: Indianapolis University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

Thesis Project: "Temporally Distinct Impairments in Cognitive Function Following a Sensitization Regimen of Methamphetamine"

Ph.D (present) in Addiction NeuroscienceIndianapolis University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

Research Interests: 

My main research interests focus on the neurocognitive and neurophysiological basis for disorders such as addiction and schizophrenia. For my MA thesis, I examined the short-term and long-term cognitive impairments and electrophysiological underpinnings associated with chronic methamphetamine exposure, and how these impairments/changes are altered with prolonged abstinence. Currently I am working on examining the cognitive and electrophysiological properties and alterations of schizophrenia and possibly remediating these changes using pharmacological manipulations. 

Faculty Advisor: