Loretta Hsueh

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2011 B.A. Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara

2015 M.A. Psychology, San Diego State University

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I am a second-year graduate student working in the Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine Laboratory. Broadly, my work examines racial/ethnic minority and immigrant disparities in medical care. As primary care is usually the first point of access to healthcare, I am particularly interested in how members of these communities experience care at this level. I am committed to understanding how variables at the patient, provider, and healthcare system levels interactively determine these disparities. The ultimate goal of my research is to inform public health policies that intervene on, and eliminate, the mechanisms maintaining the inequities leading to disparities in health.

In addition to my research goals, I am committed to increasing the representation of minorities in science research. I currently co-chair the Diversifying Clinical Psychology (DCP) Networking Event, sponsored by the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP). The DCP Networking Event is an opportunity for those who are members of underrepresented populations and who are interested in earning a PhD in Clinical Psychology to (1) informally meet with Directors from APA-accredited PhD programs across the nation, (2) present posters representing their research, (3) attend career-building workshops, and (4) build a support network of like-minded peers. I am also the 2017 - 2019 Student Representative to the Board of Directors.

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