Charles Chu


2017 (Expected) M.S. Industrial Organizational Psychology, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis

2012 B.A. Economics, Yale University


I am currently a second year graduate student in the Industrial Organizational Psychology MS program.

Research Interests: 

My research interests include 1) the ways in which stereotyping and prejudice prevent stigmatized group members from reaching their full potential in workplaces and 2) how subgroup divisions (e.g., social category, status, functional-expertise faultlines) can either facilitate or hinder workgroup performance. Eventually, my hope is to achieve a better understanding of the pain points in organizations related to diversity and to then inform organizations on how to implement interventions that reduce the frictions and leverage the benefits of their diverse workforces. 


My current research projects use both experimental and archival designs to examine African-American perspectives toward fellow target and ally confrontations (i.e., conveying dissent from a prejudicial behavior), the role of media format (i.e., visual versus written) in diversity interventions, and the interactive effects between faultline strength and distance of various types of faultlines on team performance in either high or low pressure contexts.

Faculty Advisor: