Financial Support

The Addiction Neuroscience program attempts to provide full financial support for all Ph.D. students throughout their graduate training, normally expected to last four or five years.

Since 1994, all students given unconditional admission (who stay in good standing) have been provided full stipends and tuition scholarships for the maximum remittable portion of tuition, funded from the following:

  1. Departmental teaching assistantships/scholarship support;
  2. Research assistantships from faculty grants;
  3. University scholarships;
  4. External fellowships, e.g., from APA and Society for Neuroscience;
  5. Individual and Institutional National Research Service Award (NRSA) pre-doctoral training grants.
The IUPUI Tuition & Fee Estimator can help calculate annual costs. Select ‘Science’ from the Program dropdown menu for Psychology Department rates.

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