Training Emphases

The program provides training emphases in two areas: clinical health psychology and severe mental illness/psychiatric rehabilitation. This is accomplished by completing advanced courses, selecting targeted practicum experiences, and engaging in research in these areas. The Department of Psychology, the IUPUI campus, and the city of Indianapolis provide numerous research and clinical opportunities and a rich environment to pursue these interests. The Department of Psychology has ongoing funded projects in both areas and provides for a vibrant climate of scholarly activity. Superb practicum placement opportunities are also readily available in both areas and complement the vigorous research experiences and the advanced courses offered.

Clinical Health Psychology

A clinical health psychologist is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the application of psychological knowledge to the understanding of health and illness through basic and clinical research, education, and clinical service activities. Related areas are behavioral medicine and health psychology.

Information on Clinical Health Psychology Emphasis

Clinical health psychology is both an applied and a basic science, traditionally focusing on four areas:

  • health promotion and maintenance,
  • prevention and treatment,
  • etiology and correlates of health, illness, and dysfunction, and
  • the health care system and the formulation
    of health care policy.

Severe Mental Illness/Psychiatric Rehabilitation

This training emphasis focuses on training and research in risk factors, early identification, and interventions for individuals with severe psychiatric disorders (such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) and who have ongoing problems in community functioning. Psychiatric rehabilitation refers to a set of practices aimed at assisting such individuals to achieve personal life goals and full integration into the community. Students in this training emphasis are exposed to new research related to evidence-based practice and have an opportunity to work with nationally recognized leaders in the field. Students often participate in research through the ACT Center of Indiana, which is an IUPUI Signature Center and a federally-funded research center for assertive community treatment and other evidence-based mental health practices.

Information on Severe Mental Illness/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Emphasis

Information on Some Current Research Opportunities in Severe Mental Illness/Psychiatric Rehabilitation