Financial Support

The Department of Psychology provides financial support for Ph.D. students throughout their graduate education. We make the commitment to support students in good standing for 5 years.  Although the availability of student funding fluctuates, we have been able to provide financial support (stipend + tuition scholarship for the maximum remittable portion of tuition) for all of our doctoral students for five years. Effective starting the 2015-16 academic year, stipend rates for students in good standing within the Clinical Psychology program will receive a minimum stipend of $16,500.

Stipend support typically comes from teaching or research assistantships, for 20 hours/week, 10 months of the year (with summer funding often available).  Teaching assistantship activities may include grading, coaching students, teaching labs, and guest lecturing.  Advanced students often have the opportunity to be the instructor of record for a number of different courses, including on-line options.  Research assistantships typically involve working with the student's primary mentor (and/or collaborators) on funded research studies.  Activities may include project management, recruiting and interviewing clinical participants, data analysis, manuscript writing, and grant writing. 

The Clinical Program sets aside at least 25% of our annual budget to go directly to students to support travel and research projects.  The past few years, we have been able to support over $15,000 worth of student requests annually.  In addition, research grants and dissertation fellowships are available on a competitive basis, and our students have been successful in obtaining these.  The departmental or school provides licenses for major research software, and student licenses for other software is avilable for low cost.  The Clinical Program also purchases clinical manuals and library resources each year.

The IUPUI Tuition & Fee Estimator can help calculate annual costs. Select ‘Science’ from the Program dropdown menu for Psychology Department rates.

For full details regarding program costs and financial support, please see our most current Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data (IR C-20) document:

If you are from a qualifying Midwest state, you may be eligible for the Midwest Exchange Program.

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