Credit hour requirements consist of a minimum of 90 semester hours of graduate work, plus completion of any undergraduate prerequisites not completed prior to acceptance into the program.

Clinical Psychology (33 credit hours).
Courses include two semesters each of intervention and assessment, coursework in ethics and multicultural counseling, psychopathology, and the proseminar, and four advanced courses chosen from such topics as (1) health psychology, (2) neuropsychology, (3) schizophrenia, and (4) psychopharmacology.

General Psychology Core (12 credit hours).
One course in each of the four core areas (biological, cognitive-affective, social, and psychopathology).

Statistics and Methods (12 credit hours).
Two courses in basic statistical techniques and one course each in measurement theory and research design.

Clinical Practicum (12 credit hours).
A minimum of 800 hours of supervised training in local clinical and healthcare settings with hands-on experience in assessment and intervention.

Electives (9 credit hours).
Three courses of the student’s choice from the psychology department or from other departments within the university, pending approval of the student’s plan of study committee.

Master's Thesis (3 credit hours).

Dissertation (9-18 credit hours).

Clinical Internship (0-2 credit hours).
A minimum of 2000 hours of supervised training at an approved site.

Teaching Experience (1-2 credit hours).
A teaching seminar and supervised experience.