Financial Support

There are several forms of financial assistance available to I/O graduate students:


Historically, the program has been able to arrange for most students to receive some form of stipend in exchange for 15 hours of work in one of a variety of positions. These positions include serving as a teaching assistant under the supervision of a department faculty member, and working in related academic units such as the University Testing Center , IUPUI HR, and the Psychology Academic Advising Office. At present, 15-hour/week stipends pay around $7,000 over an academic year.

Tuition Remission

In exchange for 5-6 hours of work within the Department under the supervision of one or more Department faculty, the I/O program is often able to remit a portion of students' annual tuition. The number of credit hours remitted per student depends on a number of factors and is often not determined until shortly before the beginning of each academic year. In the past, the number of credit hours remitted during a single academic year has ranged from 6-12 of the typical 18 required.

The IUPUI Tuition & Fee Estimator can help calculate annual costs. Select ‘Science’ from the Program dropdown menu for Psychology Department rates.


A limited number of fellowships are available to support full-time master's level students across IUPUI. These fellowships pay $12,000 for the student's first year in the program and include partial tuition remission. Generally, fellowships are very competitive and awarded on a yearly basis. The admissions committee selects nominees based on GRE and GPA.

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