Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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The Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) Master of Science degree program has the explicit goal of being one of the premiere programs of its kind nationwide.

This full-time program is designed to prepare individuals for positions in industry or for entry into an I/O doctoral program. The scientist/practitioner training model is employed, emphasizing both work-relevant research and applying problem-solving skills to organizational problems. The primary focus of the curriculum is on traditional “industrial” (i.e., personnel) psychology and research methods, but students are exposed to the full range of “organizational” topics as well.

What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a scientist-practitioner discipline within Psychology dealing with human behavior in the workplace. I/O Psychologists are:

  • Scientists who derive principles of individual, group, and organizational behavior through research;
  • Consultants and staff psychologists who develop scientific knowledge and apply it to the solution of problems at work; and
  • Professors who train students in the research and application of I/O Psychology.

I/O Psychologists work on a variety of functional activities within organizations: selection and placement, training and development, organizational development and change, performance measurement and evaluation, quality of worklife, consumer psychology, human factors psychology, and more.

Last Spring an article about the I/O program at IUPUI came out in the IU Research and Creative Activity publication. "How a Workplace Behaves" by Tracy James focuses on how to hire the best people for the job and how to deal with destructive influences at work. This article provides a clear representation of what the I/O psychology team strives for and how theory comes to life in the workplace.

To learn more about I/O Psychology, visit the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) web site.