Readings and Research in Psychology

PSY-B 492


PSY-B110 or equivalent


Gain hands-on research experience in a research lab or with an independent research project mentored by an instructor in the psychology department. For highly motivated students who are planning to attend graduate school or work in a field that requires a solid foundation in research. Projects need to be pre-arranged with faculty and registration is by permission only.

Step 1: Learn about the research going on in the department and beyond and identify two or three areas that interest you.

  • Visit faculty web pages to learn about their fields of interest.
  • Talk to your advisor.
  • Talk to other students and your TA’s about their research.
  • Look at the posters in the hallways of the department.

Step 2: Contact two or three faculty members and ask for an appointment to discuss their research and the possibility of an undergrad position on their team. If you don’t hear back within a few weeks, send another email or drop by their office. If that particular professor is not interested or does not have time to mentor you, don’t give up! Try another professor, or ask whether he or she has a graduate student that may need assistance with a thesis or dissertation project.

IU PSY- P 495 and PU PSY 39000 and 39100